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Upcoming Event | Magazine Release and Spoken Word

I'm an art contributor in the upcoming Post-Mortem magazine

"Death less represents the romantic stuff of tragedy as much as a shirked inevitability, viewed indirectly through the rosy lens of metaphor, or through some white frowning mask. Death is a hard-nosed fact checked on the ice of stark reality, an open-eyed kiss and reason to fuck, to connect, to practice life."

                                                                   - Mad Gleam Press description of upcoming

                                                                     POST(blank) magazine Vol. 2 "POSTmortem". 


Mad Gleam Press presents a curated set of experimental spoken word performers in a show to launch POST(blank) magazine Vol. 2 "POSTmortem". 

Co-produced with BK Wildlife's Chris Carr at the Gamba Forest art space, the ambient music/poetry duo Low Wave will headline the show, featuring the poets and multimedia artists:

Brian Sheffield 
Elena Berriolo & Sarah Riggs
Nicole Goodwin
Meagan Brothers 
Erica Schreiner 
Nyssa Frank
Shasha Leonard
John J. Trause
Anton Yakovlev
Graham Wilner
Erich Slimak
Brian Sheffield & Claire Durand-Gasselin
Gabriel Morgan 
Shelby Cook
Craig Kite
Billy Cancel
Thomas Fucaloro
Sir Kn8t & Hila the Killa
Low Wave

$5 suggested donation at the door
*enter thru front gate. code #114


Untitled, n/d (circa 1998),  acrylic ink on paper (my contribution for POST(blank) magazine Vol. 2 "POSTmortem")


This new issue can be found at:


Albertine (UES)

IDIO Gallery (Bushwick)

Gamba Forest (Greenpoint)

Blue Stockings (LES)



L'Openbach (13e)



Old Capitol Books