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Five Large Scale Wall Pieces from the San Francisco days

The pieces posted here were made during the time I lived in San Francisco. It was dawn of the internet, social media, dotcom era explosion.  The work directs its attention at the humor of recruitment via different systems of information. The "wall" plays a central "communication" role within each piece.

Nun Recruitment Day (performance Diego Rivera Gallery San Francisco), 1996  (front and back sides)

Madonna's Billboard, 1998 large scale xerox copy, aluminum tape

All Pro Data Retrieval System, 1997, collage, archival card holders, brass pins, glitter,  

The Chain, 1996 large scale collage on paper, with brass chain and magnifying glass

Packaged Waste, 1998 large scale collage on paper, with original drawings, cardstock, color photo copies and palstic bagsin 89 parts

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