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Who's that Artist Next Door - Stuart Sutcliffe

Yesterday I woke up and laid in my bed in BedStuy. Indecisive of what I wanted to do with my day, was it going to be a studio or gallery day? 

After going over my dreams I decided to go for a studio day.

I turned to social media for suggestions. One of the happenings that stood out was the Stuart Sutcliffe's by appointment exhibition in the UES. Mr. Sutcliffe is best remembered for being one of a string of 5th Beatles who never was. He was the bass guitarist for the band. The artist was dragged in by his friend John Lennon to be part of the then fledgeling boy band.  After a year of touring in Europe he opted out with a bit of mixed feelings about his role in the band and longing to make art. He stayed in Hamburg with his german wife to pursue his first love: art making. 

Mr. Sutcliffe died at 21 of a rare medical condition. Lucky for us he left behind an estate with what's beginning to seem like an impressive body of work.  It's handled by his sister Pauline who keeps the body of work in Upstate, NY in her hometown of Wainscott.

SS 1 (Stuart Sutcliffe 1)

SS 2 (Stuart Sutcliffe 2)

SS 3 (Stuart Sutcliffe 3)

SS 4 (Stuart Sutcliffe 4)

SS 5 (Stuart Sutcliffe 5)

SS 6 (Stuart Sutcliffe 6)

SS 7 (Stuart Sutcliffe 7)