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Brooklyn Studio Visit with feminist visual artist Jaishri Abichandani

Today I went to visit Jaishri Abichandani's studio in Brooklyn, New York. Ms. Abichandani is a multidisciplinary feminist artist, curator, writer and Founder/Executive Director of
South Asian Women’s Creative Collective, New York City and London.   

She was born in India of Pakistan heritage, her family fled to India to escape civil unrest and at the age of 12 they relocated to live in the borough of Queens.

She explained that she was introduced to the world of western contemporary art when she moved here. That the contrast in style and content to what she knew as a young girl growing up in Pakistan and India led her to investigate the memories she retained of her motherland.  

Check out her website to learn more: JaishariAbichandani.net

Jaishri Abichandani in her Brooklyn Studio surrounded by her Lajja Gauri and Yoni inspired Hindi goddesses. 

10 Standing Goddesses by Jaishri Abichandani from a body of work of 108 pieces inspired by a childhood psyche recollection.

Abichandani's suspended diamond sculpture symbolizing the female triangle of life with a goddess giving birth.

On the table is a sculpture of a same sex female couple representing some of the artist's friends who recently gained the right to lawfully raise families as a union. 

Lesbian Goddess couple breastfeeding and raising a family 

Lesbian Goddess couple breastfeeding and raising a family 

A large scale work in progress inspired by The Abduction of Ganymede a sculpture by Richard Westmacott that left an impression on Ms.Abichandani in the Tate Britain,   

Auto biographical squatting goddesses that transcend roles and original intent 

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