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Ghostgirl and the Return of Saturn

Last night I went to go see Untilted Queen's (Matthew de Leon) presentation at Honey Ramka's project space in Bushwick.

it's an uplifting fun narrative of time coming undone at the end or beginning (depending on how you see it) of one cycle on our journey to the next phase in queer life. It's filled with black and white floppy rainbows, shy ghost girls, shattered rainbow shards, giant ghosts coming from undr the floors and a tall black hat among delicate drawings of cake and soft spots. 

I met Matthew at an artist heavy backyard BBQ in Park Slope a few years back. I remember talking about him growing up in governor's island and how he was moving because the buildings were being developed for some other purposes. It's great to see how he is turning his lived experiences into art that can be shared with others and that there are spaces out there presenting work of fun loving individuals in touch with their inner cosmic selves.