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The Mughal's Red Fort in Agra - A Majesty Relived

Jahangir Palace

4th Emperor's tub, with steps on the outside as well as in the inside. was a gift to the 4th emperor filled with gold and treasures from around the world 

The entrance to Jahangir Palace, complete with Buddhist, Christian, Muslim and Hindu religious iconography to welcome people from all walks of life

A decorated column at the entrance of the Jahangir Palace

A decorated column at the entrance of the Jahangir Palace

detail of the entrance

A small walkway connecting the entrance of the Jahangir Palace leading to a labyrinth of rooms and courtyards

the Library in the Red Fort

detail of a panel in the library with swastikas  and other religious symbols

a decorated column in one of the courtyards

detail of the decorated panel

detail of a decorated panel

a winter semi open air guest room with ancient heating system 

an islamic water fountain

The fountain seen from a distance

The other side of the Jahangir Palace was the Harem where only women and Eunuch were allowed

wall decorations in the children's bedroom in the Harem

The Children's bedroom

a view from the King's prison cell in the Harem

The Courtyard in the Harem which originally grew a vineyard for wine production

The women's cell for naughty wives


The Queen's or Main Wife's living space with a tub facing the vineyard

the Queen's private bathroom with ancient water heating syestem

the queen's bathroom with millions of turkish mirrors meant to be lit up by candles and replicate the universe while she bathed and inlaid drum system so slaves could play while she relaxed

A royal tub/spa room next to the queens

geometric marble floor tile

Deewan I am towards the exit of the Palace where the king held court

A exit/welcome sign complete with live monkey's designating the Fort as a World Heritage landmark