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11 Narrative Drawings from my flatfiles

These drawings were made between 2000 and 2005. They embody an "outsider" style as authentically as possible without trying to look too contemporary.  My interest in making them is to document my day to day life and thoughts effortlessly and without letting the notion of reinvention enter my process.  

I've dedicated myself to drawing and works-on-paper for many years now.  I unconsciously became interested in preserving two vivid childhood with this body of work.

The first memory is  of my grandfather and I one afternoon in California.  I must have been really young maybe 5 or 6 and we were sitting in his yellow Chevrolet truck checking out the wilderness go by. I sat there while he doodled on a piece of paper. When I took a peek at the paper it was an image of this strange alien looking figure.  I thought it was really strange and funny at the same time.  Later when I was older I learned that he didn't know how to read or write.

This memory of him drawing in his truck somehow inspires me to investigate american handcrafted aesthetics and storytelling in my work.

The second motivating memory if of sitting with my mother and brother and sister in her bedroom and her showing us and reading letter my father had sent her from when he was in Vietnam.  There must have been 10 letter in all.  They were decorated with flowers and birds and other little creatures very feminine, his penmanship was very beautiful too.  The beautiful letters were accompanied by photographs of him and his army buddy's in the jungle smoking cigarettes and playing poker, the most graphic one was of all of them standing in from of a big cargo truck with the casualties of war (random body parts) overflowing from the top of the truck.

The idea of my father sending my mother love letters from Vietnam enables me to talk about feelings and emotions I encounter with past lovers, friends and acquaintances living in New York City.   

Twisted Cell, n/d (dated 01 and 1971)

Boy Angel, n/d (dated 2000,'83 and 78)

Cell, n/d

Bubble Woman and Pup, n/d

Tingling, 2000

Dancing Figure, n/d

Gang of Five, 2005

fenced in, 2002

Low Risk Ralphing Bird, n/d (dated 1994)

Gang of Two, n/d (dated 1983)

Stic to U'r Gunz, n/d (dated 1987 and 1983)