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Academy Of Realness

academy of realness, collage, mono print, photo copy

The Academy of Realness is a group of about 45 (and growing) large scale hybrid collages, in the style of Kurt Schwitters' Merzbilder's they were originally put together in the kitchen of a 5 floor walk up that saw lots of social activity in the mid to late '00s. Later I continued making them in my studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and now they have morphed into a new series I'm calling Industrial Collage. The series incorporates everyday personal rubbish with stream of consciousness diaristic and fantasy drawings, painting and the mono print.  I was inspired by the daily ongoings of living in the "colorful" gayborhood that was once considered the center of the Art World, NYC's East Village. These myth making pieces are literally embedded with memories of lived experiences with friends, frienemies and past lovers.